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My only post-election thought …

Nov 12 2016

… that Will Rahn’s piece, The Unbearable Smugness of the Press (CBS News) was spot on.   Image courtesy CBS News. 

Rushdie slams regressive PC speech as ‘time of appeasement’

Sep 08 2016

In an interview with Le Figaro magazine (France) author Salman Rushdie (Satanic Verses) slammed Western society’s embracement of politically correct speech in which…

The EU is meddling again

Jun 07 2016

The EU has entered a bogus agreement with tech companies like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter that will meddle in freedom of expression…

MWO hears from Israelis and Palestinians (and eats) during visit

Apr 20 2016

Back in March and April I dispatched myself to Israel for what I have termed a “sun-bbatical,” a pleasant mishmash of lots…

Comedian says politically correct speech isn’t working

Jan 18 2016

Comedian Chelsea Handler wrote a terrific op-ed in the Daily Beast about our “failed experiment” in politically correct speech. She writes, “Americans…

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