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MWO back in action after break

Oct 13 2017

After working on a lengthy research and editing project during the spring and summer, MWO will be working on new projects advocating…

My only post-election thought …

Nov 12 2016

… that Will Rahn’s piece, The Unbearable Smugness of the Press (CBS News) was spot on.   Image courtesy CBS News. 

Katie Couric and producer sued for defamation

Sep 14 2016

Beware children, don’t be so blinded by your precious ideas that you do dumb stuff re-edit the truth to match your politics. The…

HuffPo fires writer who questioned Hillary’s health

Aug 30 2016

American media is at an all-time low. Though Trump will most likely fade into the sunset, he has done one thing, he has revealed…

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