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Baby of Oslo, San Francisco Freedom Forum presents dissidents, defectors and survivors

Sep 29 2016

At the end of September I attended the San Francisco Freedom Forum, the one-day spin off of the acclaimed Oslo Freedom Forum…

Bucking the narrative: Hipster’s guide to hidden anti-Semitism within left

Sep 07 2016

For a while now, I have turned my focus on preaching freedom of expression rights from youth to the activist community because…

Turkish government targets publishers in latest post-coup crackdown

Jul 29 2016

The Turkish government has closed 29 publishing houses according to the Turkish Publishers Association. The assets were seized and transferred to the government…

The EU is meddling again

Jun 07 2016

The EU has entered a bogus agreement with tech companies like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter that will meddle in freedom of expression…

World Press Freedom at all-time low

May 06 2016

It’s interesting that as we become more connected through the Internet and digital media that we are actually becoming less free. Who…

EU youth publish graphic novel exposing limitations on press

Nov 28 2015

  November 28, 2015 – Here is a great story about the European Youth Press and how they created and published a…

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