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HuffPo fires writer who questioned Hillary’s health

Aug 30 2016

American media is at an all-time low. Though Trump will most likely fade into the sunset, he has done one thing, he has revealed…

UN, free speech groups condemn treatment of teen vlogger, redefine hate speech

Aug 29 2016

The trial and impending incarceration of Singaporean teen vlogger, Amos Yee, has caught the attention of UN Special Rapporteur, David Kaye. Yee has…

University says ‘sorry, no safe spaces’ to incoming freshman

Aug 25 2016

Incoming freshman at the University of Chicago received a warning in their acceptance letters; a warning that there will be no warnings…

Teenage provocateur, Amos Yee, stands trial in Singapore

Aug 19 2016

Amos Yee is an articulate 17-year-old YouTube sensation from Singapore best known for his atheist rants against religion, mostly Islam and Christianity.…

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